SEVEN FOR A SECRET by Victoria Holt (1992-08-01)

SEVEN FOR A SECRET by Victoria Holt (1992-08-01)

Holt, Victoria

Seduction, scandal, suicide, and murder - these are the secrets that unfold in Victoria Holt's entralling new novel, where love and truth will triumph at last.

One for Sorrow,
Two for Joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
And seven for a secret
never to be told.

It was a simple children's rhyme. Yet somehow it held the key to a tragedy that hovered over the seemingly idyllic hamlet of Harper's Green. Though sad circumstances had brought the young Frederica Hammond to her new home in Wiltshire, she held fast to hope and to dreams of a bright future. Frderica was rapidly befriended by her new classmates: gentle Rachel Grey and Tamarisk St. Aubyn, the headstrong but somewhat frivolous daughter from the local estate. Together these three would grow to womanhood. Together they would see the peaceful facade of their surroundings crumble under the weight of secrecy.

There was worldly, handsome Gaston Marchmont; what motives lay beyond hsi calculating charm and unrelenting questions? Then there was the arrogant lord of St. Aubrey's manor, Tamarisk's elder brother, Cirspin. Frederica found herself drawn to this enigmatic man. But what could ever come of the strange bond between them, founded in a conspiracy of silence? And finally, there was Lucy Lane and her demented sister, Flora, Crispin's one-time nannies. What unthinkable tragedy had made reality so impossible for Flora to bear? And why did a children's poem act as a constant reminder of a past that could never be revealed?

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